Quelques notes graves...
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  An incredible bassist who has changed everything in the world of bass. We owe him an opening on a new world for bassists, this "sound", these "ghost notes", these "harmonic sounds", these "incredible inventions of all innovative sentences" and this "groove" irreplaceable!
  We said a lot about the sound, its bass, its amp, its effects, but the most important is especially the way it plays.
 Iit's partly the bassist's fingers that make the sound, also for example listen in the dvd as the bass to the ridiculous sound of the 'presenter' becomes great under the fingers of Pasto.
  It will be necessary to seek the ideal position to approach this magic sound and a setting rather in the medium for the amp. I hope that you will take as much pleasure as me to play these great phrases ...

The Chicken version Pasto, Scofield

   I propose you to play in loop for more than a minute, each measure of this famous version played at the end of the dvd "Modern electric bass" with Jaco Pastorius and Scofield on guitar.
  A score is there to help but it will not be enough to translate all the subtleties of Pasto's game.
  You will be able to realize how much each measure is a source of inspiration making this genius out of the ordinary ...

The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines Joni Mitchell

  A blues grid! But what a game of bass, everything is good, subtle, enough to enrich the ideas of a "walking" generous and dynamic.
  To work with the rebounds of the notes.
  The version used is the studio version on Joni Mitchell's "Mingus" disc of 1979, the latter having died the same year.
  The other musicians are Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Peter Erskine ...

Barbary Coast

This title from the album "Black Market" (vinyl exeptionnel) of 1976, will install Pasto in the group of Joe Zawinul "Wheather Report".
  This composition of Pasto showcases his bassist technique: a game in sixteenth notes with mute notes and still nice phrases.
  the tempo is ideal to assimilate it well.